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View wild land fire fighting efforts and recon the fireline.  Don't rely on Sat photos only for images that are farther from earth and farther from your control as an Incident Commander.

UgCS Mapper is extremely easy to use. 

Run processing and map with elevation in just three clicks!

Aerial photos with HD

                                  Still and video

Volumetrics can be done when mapping in 3D.  Measure your stockpiles of media today!


Digital elevation models can identify where the water will flow, or where more earth moving will be needed. 

3D Mapping allows you to see you project at any angle.


A digital terrain model identifies the change in height of terrain items in view.

With absolute accuracy we can create cut and fill data so you can bid accurately before your company wins its construction bid.  

Throughout the project you can see changes as they progress and inventory your resources. 


Aerial photography allows your business to be seen as the professional operation that it is.  Awareness and ascetics is the goal, not navigation. Use us to capture professional pictures of your professional building. Post images on social media or have them for inventory of what's in the back.  There are many uses for the images we collect.



Find out how drone services can save you time and money.  

Learn how aerial imagery sets your business apart.            


Bid accurately on your dirt moving projects through volumetric surveys

Display your property with extremely high quality aerial and ground photography.  

Find your animals!  Wild game or cattle; we can locate animals as if we were looking for a lost child in the wilderness.  

Access "AIR" at a price you can afford!

Geo-Vision Air Services, LLC
a UAV company

Unmanned Aerial System Solutions

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Service without borders


Commercially FAA Rated Remote Pilot Certificated Part 107.  Insured, Licensed


We are located in the Southwest United States.  We will travel to international locations.  

There are many factors affecting pricing.  Due to the variable markets we service, pricing is based on individual project requirements.  This is to provide you with the best possible value.

Based on the 5/2021 Realty market, pricing is listed under


 Backed by over 17 years of commercial and US Army flying experience

Veteran owned and Operated

We Hire Veterans!