Geo-Vision Air Services, LLC


Geo-Vision Air Services, LLC provides high quality aerial images.   

Search And Rescue Pix4Dreact mapping solutions, FLIR, HD, Tracking, 3 Axis Gimbal using UGCS for mission planning and execution. 

UAS Consulting, Sales and Training. 

Mapping and EO/ISR for wild land fire support, security, game survey and counting, land management and more. 


Aerial inspections, detecting damage or wear to aging infrastructure.

HD photography and 4K video production for events, real estate, and marketing. 




We offer multi-copter and fixed wing solutions.  

As the industry changes and new technology emerges, we will adapt our inventory to meet your needs.  

Geo-Vision Air Services, LLC offers solutions from the following companies:

Pegasus Aerospace






SPH Engineering



Puget Systems

Consulting and Sales

Geo-Vision Air Services draws on manned aviation Search and Rescue experience gained from  years of helicopter pilot experience in all climates and geography types.


Our mission is to provide high quality, geo referenced, aerial imagery of the ground or structures fixed to earth or body of water.  Beyond that, we will provide the service that is required to meet end state objectives in the most effective and efficient way possible. 


Allow us to assist in a stand up UAS program in your organization.  Training, consulting, sales or sourcing equipment through Geo-Vision Air Services will not rob you of existing human resources to try to figure out how to employ new tech.  

We offer SPH Engineering Products:

Learn more about UgCS and how it can amplify drone capabilities.



Pix4DReact 2D ortho maps process in minutes and export in PDF format.  Ideal for Emergency Responders.

Find out how drone services can save you time and money.  

Learn how aerial imagery sets your business apart.            


Bid accurately on your dirt moving projects through volumetric surveys

Display your property with extremely high quality aerial and ground photography.  We partner with professional photographers to ensure you get the best images from air and ground. 

Find your animals!  Wild game or cattle; we can locate animals as if we were looking for a lost child in the wilderness.  You now can access "AIR" at a price you can afford.

Geo-Vision Air Services, LLC

a UAV company

Unmanned Aerial System Solutions

We look forward to talking with you about your project goals today!

Service without borders

We are located in the Southwest United States.  We will travel to international locations.  

Call for pricing

There are many factors affecting pricing.  Due to the variable markets we service, pricing is based on individual project requirements.  This is to provide you with the best possible value.

Commercially FAA Rated Remote Pilot Certificated Part 107.  Insured, Licensed


 Backed by over 17 years of commercial and US Army flying experience

Veteran owned and Operated

We Hire Veterans!


Tel: +1-575-740-8816



Mon - Mon 7AM - 7 PM MST

17 Years of Professional Aviation Experience

Why this matters:  Manned Commercial Aviation produces aeronautical decision making that can produce the absolute best results for sUAS applications.  



- Survey

- Mapping

- Land Real Estate 

- sUAS Consultant

- Inspections

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