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Research and Development of new technology that is manufactured in the United States and targets federal needs.  As unmanned technology advances, Unmanned Aerial Systems, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are becoming increasingly relevant in a traditionally manned aircraft environment.  UASs are finding increasing roles in all branches of military.  UASs have been relied on heavily for use in the Ukraine and Russia conflict and are being called on to provide innovative solutions for NOAA, FAA, DOE and DoD, to name some of the interested agencies.  By forming a network of experts in critical disciplines, Geo-Vision Air Services is a foundation of team building and innovation.   

Forest Fire


Our mission is to serve the federal government in wild land fire contracts using American made fixed wing UAS to add situational awareness to crews on the ground and in the air.  The R&D division will work with our aerospace engineering partners to improve available technology.


There are flight missions that are accomplished only by a piloted aircraft.  With advancement in technology, there are missions that can be conducted by UAVs while reducing exposure to human risk.

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