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The founder and co-owner started this company as a veteran, military and commercial helicopter aviator.  Search and Rescue, helicopter air ambulance, aerial firefighting and other flight experience drives our perspective.

SAR, EO / ISR, payload delivery and other services can be accomplished with unmanned technology.  Flooding, wild land fire and other emergencies can be assisted by UAS while reducing exposure to risk.  There is not a replacement for a human decision maker in the cockpit of an aircraft performing certain operations.  We can only vector rescue resources to the victim using shared visual data.  In the future, a rescue component is possible using developed technology.

We operate a wide range of systems because there is a wide range of uses for small unmanned systems (sUAS).

What sets Geo-Vision Air Services, LLC apart from other service providers is that we operate multi copter, electric motored sUAS as well as a long range fixed wing platform with relevant experience in the cockpit, making critical mission decisions.  In special circumstances, UAS require waiver approval from the FAA.  Applicable missions are subject to approval.  



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Our Story

Founded in 2020, we are a new company.  In 2019 I had a 43x46mm idea right in the middle of my brain that I might not pass a class 2 medical.  Fortunately, what I experienced was a benign brain tumor called a meningioma.  In December 2019 I had the first of three surgeries (36 hours) by renown Dr. Nadir Sanai at Barrow Brain and Spine in Phoenix Arizona.  I realize that it isn't the best idea for this business to share personal medical history so openly.  This experience is part of my story and why this business exists today.  

As a second generation commercial helicopter pilot, I knew my job and was good at it.  I have flight experience in all wester states to include Alaska where I am from and Hawaii.  I have flown the UH-60 Blackhawk in Alaska, Arizona, SW Asia and other locations.  I have flown helicopter EMS (HEMS), forest fire support in a type 3 helicopter, air tours, charter, commercial applications to deploy scientist to glaciers in Alaska with an MD500D.  

With a family that is still intact, I give God the glory for a 27 year marriage and 5 sons.  My high school sweetheart has been through it all as we moved around the countryside.  Today Sarah is 51% owner of this company and I am her CEO and primary operator of the business.  

My gaol is to achieve a level of success worth passing to future generations.   

This is a family business so, the story of the business is a story about a family.

We are the Maplesdens and this is only a part of our amazing story that began in a place called Ketchikan, Alaska.

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