A New Mexico Based UAV Service Provider 

Find out why we are the fastest growing UAV service provider in the southwestern United States.



Application of the right technology for the right job.  Geo-Vision Air Services, LLC will utilize the most effective aerial platform available to achieve the best results.


Time critical projects should provide as much lead time as possible.  If minimal lead time is what we have to work with, Geo-Vision Air Services, LLC will utilize it's network of vetted providers to meet your needs.


Having a mixed array of sensors  available optimizes resolution solutions.

The dji Phantom 4 pro is an industry standard.  Unlike any other dji product, the P4P uses one of a kind glass in it's lens, stunning 4K video and 20 MP mechanical shutter, stabilized camera.  

The Sony A6000 24.3MP on a flat mapping gimbal for stabilized, fast auto focus shots that provide high resolution which translates into accuracy in post production.  

The FLIR HD 640 is the highest resolution FLIR in its class, linked to a FoxTech 10X HD Daylight, 3 Axis gimbal.  These tow sensors work in unison to acquire ground objectives quickly.


Please allow us to accommodate any special applications or specifications you my require.  Geo-Vision Air Services is an outside of the box operator.  

If you have a need for aerial imagery of any kind we want to hear from you!


What ever your industrial application for sUAS services, Geo-Vision Air Services, LLC will partner with you to accomplish your end state goals.

We ensure highly qualified and experienced system operators and pilots.  100% of our pilot staff are former military pilots.  UAS or Manned systems.  

Our partnerships with professional photographers ensures that for marketing and photography, you will be provided with outstanding images.


Let us get to know your team.  Whether or not we end up providing services, allow the team at Geo-Vision Air Services to collaborate with your experts.  Schedule a zoom meeting.  Screen sharing and face to face meetings is a great way to lay a foundational working relationship.  Talking through concepts face to face through technology, allows a group to realize whether or not they will work well together or not before travel money is spent.