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CONSTRUCTION, MINES, DUST MITIGATION, ROAD PROJECTS:  Inventory stockpiles, manage project assets and productivity.  By outsourcing your drone operations you can stay focused on doing what you do best.  

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INSPECTION:  Roofing, appraisals, HVAC, bridges and other critical infrastructure.  Where a ladder or boom truck is needed, drones can be employed to give data to stakeholders.

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Provide a geo referenced and accurate map for your project.  We assist surveyors and land stakeholders.

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EO/ISR:  If you don't already know what electronic observation is move out smartly!  Similar to the RQ7 is the Geo-Hawk.  Call for details


WILDLAND FIRE:  Fire still needs to be attacked by brave men and woman on the ground.  Drones can provide ICs with real time fire behavior and fire line analysis that provides the SA needed when it counts!

Screenshot 2021-08-02 105612.png

With elevation functions in map data software, drainage or a need for a city provided wastewater lift station is assessed.  The direction of a fire and other information can be realized with elevation models.

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