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Adapting business to "new normals"

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

We are seeing how fragile our once certain way of life can be. The way we once lived, worked and played may never be the same as it was pre COVID. If you are open minded about the future you will thrive in this new environment. If you have a difficult time thinking or imagining how you are going to survive in your changed reality, despair comes easy.

Don't worry, be creative. Be proactive. Change is constant affect positive change when you can worry about nothing. Counter actions are productive if they are not simply reactive but constructive. Do not be afraid of change even if it catches you off guard. Stay calm and engage your mind in problem solving mode. We all have abilities and skills that are unique to us. Develop your strengths and don't be afraid to use them. It has been said that the greatest asset you posses is your mind. Believe it!

Many of us have lived in a kind of slavery to a way of life that we thought was the way we should live. You get up, go to work, come home, pay bills and maybe you spend some time or take a vacation that you pay for with credit just so you can work more overtime to pay back for the next three to five years. Then your car breaks down so, you get a new one because you are tired of never knowing when the next vehicle repair cost will come.

I am not a financial advisor or a MLM coach of any kind trying to sell you on how to be your own boss and make untold millions flipping houses. All I am saying is that we get into a rat race and we are slaves whether or not you admit it.

Now is a great time to take stock of your life. Is the way you and your family living the way you want to live. In your core - are you happy and fulfilled? If you could imagine a truly fresh start in life, what would that look like and what path would you take? Sometimes in life when we are forced to step off in a new direction it is the best thing for our lives that would have been missed if we weren't forced to tread in a new direction.

So, take this new life in stride. Look for every good thing. Exploit your talents and passions and think outside the box.

It is an exiting time to be alive. Read on in my blog to learn how I have had to do exactly what I am saying just before covid-19 and quarantines began.

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