Geo-Services Air Services, LLC is a veteran owned and operated small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) service provider.  

Based in Sierra County, New Mexico, Geo-Vision Air Services, LLC adds value to a wide range of industries through aerial imagery.  We do this by applying cutting edge technology with advanced  training and experience.  

About the owner:

Nate Maplesden, former Chief Warrant Officer and 13 year veteran of the Alaska Army National Guard served in Iraq from 2005-2006 as a UH60L, Blackhawk pilot.  He has UH60 experience in Alaska having performed search and rescue in a variety of regions and seasons.  Mr. Maplesden supported Operation Jump Start as a pilot for the AK ARNG flying helicopters equipped with Forward Looking Infra Red Camera (FLIR) on the US Southern Boarder working with Customs and Border Protection to assist in border security missions. 

Since 2010 Commercial helicopter pilot from TEMSCO Helicopters, Blue Hawaiian Helicopters, Tri-State Careflight, Mountain Air Helicopters, Trans Aero Helicopters and PHI Air Medical, LLC.  Experienced and carded USFS/DOI Type III helicopter, Long Line, bambi buckets and belly hook, PSD, and other applicable qualifications.  Air Medical experience in Nevada, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.  

Prior to any flight experience, Nate was a parachute rigger, and later an infantry team leader. 

UAS service provider, UAV, Part 107 Remote pilot, business owner.  Problem solver!