As the owner and operator of Geo-Vision Air Services I find solutions to customer problems.  In 2020, after a career as an instrument rated helicopter pilot, I began a business in unmanned aircraft.  Having flown missions, from Search And Rescue to tactical air assaults in the military it was time to begin a civilian career.  Air ambulance, wild land fire suppression, air tours, research support, and other missions have given me aeronautical decision making.  Alaska to Iraq, I realize how accurate intelligence matters to operations.

New technology is developing to solve existing problems and forward thinking issues.  Let me help you negotiate a growing unmanned world.

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My Story

We are unmanned problem solvers using aerial platforms to accomplish customer goals.  Providing services using existing technology is only the beginning.  Fulfilling domestic tech needs has shown us where in house experience benefits advancement in a growing commercial UAS field.  

Geo-Vision Air Services' success is in the human relationships we collaborate with to achieve our goals.  From business and strategic planning to engineering and operational support.  A custom, purpose built, American made fixed wing and mobile command station was our first goal as  Geo-Vision Air Services defines industry barriers.     


A bold statement.  Clearly we are not the only business growing in UAS tech.  What we aspire towards is ground breaking and will solve multiple existing or future problems.  


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.